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MaZter Tuig - Het hondentuig voor je hond!

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If the Mazter Lead is not in stock, the delivery time is 7 days.

This harness is an excellent tool for training not to pull on the leash. Now from 19.95 euros.

The Lead - Mazter Lead

This harness prevents pulling on the leash, but we recommend using this harness in combination with training for walking on a leash.


Balance: Because you attach the line to the chest, the harness works like a halter on a horse, but around the chest. When your dog pulls on the leash, he becomes slightly unbalanced. This will help your dog know where the end of the leash is within minutes and stop pulling.

Hand/emergency handle: There is an emergency handle on top of the Mazter Lead. This is a handle with which you can keep your dog very short with extreme stimuli.

Additional connection: When your dog has learned to stop pulling, you can choose to attach the leash to the ring on the hand/emergency handle.

If at some point your dog pulls, click the leash back onto the ring on the chest without correcting it.

Reflection: The handle/emergency handle is reflective. This makes your dog more visible in the dark.

Training: It is important that you always reward the behavior you would like to see from your dog. We therefore see the Mazter lead as a tool. Because the dog starts walking in the correct position and there is no longer any pressure on the leash, you can reward this immediately. So always take something tasty with you when you go for a walk. Dogs repeat behavior that benefits them.

Why a Mazter Lead?

* The maZter is a positive tool that helps your dog walk nicely with you without pulling.

* Immediately noticeable results!

* The dog immediately understands what is expected: this means you have a cheerful and happy dog ​​on the leash

* Available in 8 different sizes so that there is a suitable harness for every type of construction

* Extremely suitable for young dogs/puppies, as pulling on the leash is learned behavior

* Thanks to reflective tapes, extra safe in the dark

* Made from very strong components

* Handle/grip on the back for emergencies

* Multiple connection points for the line

How to measure?
Measuring is knowing. Avoid unnecessary returns and measure your dog before ordering.

Compare your dog's size with the size chart below.

Size chart :

To determine the correct size of the Mazter Lead, first measure the chest circumference and then the forechest as shown in the instruction photo. This can be found in the appendices.

Measure the forechest from (just behind) the left front leg to just behind the right front leg. The harness should not be too tight but not too loose, 1 finger in between is the correct way to use it.

You can then find the right size for your dog in the table below.
The dimensions are measured including rings.

Chest size
min/max cm
min/max cm
As indication :
XS 38 - 50 20.5 - 26.0 (including Jack Russell,
Miniature Poodle, Pincher)
S 53 - 59 31.0 - 32.0 (including Maltese, Beagle,
border terrier)
Bull S 54 - 60 36.0 - 40.0 (including small bulldogs and small staffords)
SM 61 - 72 34.0 - 37.5 (including Kelpie, Border Collie,



68 - 87

63 - 75

35.0 - 40.0

44.0 - 51.0

border collie, small shepherd belgian dutch shepherd.

Am. Staff, w. Corgi, bull terrier

L 74 - 98 42.0 - 48.0 (including German Shepherd, Boxer,
XL 87 - 124 50.0 - 64.0 (including Bordeaux dog,
Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog)

Instructions for use: use the link below to see how this anti-pulling harness works and how to apply it.

We recommend training at a Dog School in your area to dot all the i's and cross all the i's.

Have fun walking!

The anti-pulling harness is an aid to prevent pulling but is not intended for correction, so you should not jerk the dog for correction.

Misunderstandings about the Mazter Lead and U lead:

There are stories going around that the Mazter Lead works on pressure points and is therefore painful for the dog. Those are fables! Our organization does not work with aids that deliberately cause pain.

The Mazter does not work like many aids with pain and strangulation. The Mazter Lead is a positive aid that guides the dog in the right way and at the right time to walk neatly without pulling.
We call our product an “honest” product. This is because it is a very animal-friendly anti-pulling harness. However, you must be careful that the harness is neither too tight nor too loose. This may cause chafing, but that is not the intention.
If you are not satisfied, you can return the harness within 14 days of purchase and receive your money back.

We would also like to strongly emphasize that the harness should not be left unattended or on the dog without supervision. There is a chance that a dog with sharp teeth will damage the harness, causing it to tear. The supplier does not guarantee against bite or abrasion damage.

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HONDJE MET MAZTER LEAD anti trek tuig, niet trekken aan de lijn
Mazter Lead
MAZTER LEAD drukpunt ring anti trek tuig tegen trekken aan de lijn
Mazter Lead anti trek tuig omdoen, hand onder het tuig kunnen
Mazter Lead om doen, verzetten van gesp bij een anti-trek tuig
Mazter Lead om doen bij hond voorkant van anti-trek tuig verzetten
Mazter tuig ruimte tussen tuig en hond
mazter tuig anti-trek tuig voor de hond vooraan de riem vastmaken

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