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Rennende boxer
Rennende berner sennenhond in bloemenveld
Loes Simonetti geeft een hond massage

About me

I knew it for sure from an early age. I want to work with animals, preferably with dogs. It was therefore only natural for me to choose the paraveterinary training course. After completing this course, I wanted to know more about the dog body. Then I came across the training to become a dog masseur and I was immediately enthusiastic. How I could support a lot of dogs with this during stress or physical discomfort.

In my own practice, in addition to questions about exercise, I also came across questions about nutrition. This made me think and I started specializing in dog food under the guidance of Lotte Botter. In the meantime, an opportunity arose to work and learn at a dog school. Then I came to the conclusion that if you combine massage, nutrition and training, you can have a great influence on the dog's well-being.

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What do I offer you and your dog?

  • Loes Simonetti geeft een hond massage


    Discover the ultimate relaxation for your four-legged friend with our professional dog massage. Our experienced therapists understand the unique needs of dogs and provide soothing massage sessions to relieve tension and promote well-being. Give your furry friend the luxury of attention and care with our customized massage services, designed to support your dog's physical and mental health. Kick back and let your dog enjoy a well-deserved rest with our dedicated massage treatments.

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  • Berner Sennenhond met bot

    Nutritional advice

    Receive expert, tailor-made nutritional advice for your faithful companion. Our professional nutrition experts are ready to guide you in optimizing your dog's diet based on his unique needs and health goals. From puppies to senior dogs, we offer personalized advice that suits the life stage, size and any health problems of your four-legged friend. Give your dog the best with our nutritional advice and see the difference in his well-being and vitality. Discover a healthier and happier life for your furry friend by investing in food that is truly tailor-made.

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  • Rennende boxer


    Welcome to our private dog training courses, where we put the focus entirely on you and your furry companion. Our experienced trainers understand that every dog ​​is unique, with their own personality, needs and challenges. That's why we offer tailor-made training sessions that are tailored to the specific goals and needs of your dog and you as the owner. Whether you have a puppy that needs to learn basic commands, an adult dog with behavioral issues, or just want some extra guidance in obedience training, we are here to help.

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Kinderboek Victor en Oscar worden vrienden

Loes Simonetti

Victor & Oscar become friends

Loes is also the author of the children's book Victor & Oscar become friends.

Victor is a large dog who cannot find dog friends in his environment. Everyone is afraid of him! Victor feels sad and asks his mom and dad for help. How can he become friends with other dogs.

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